SpotifySpotify blogged last week about a very welcome addition to their catalogue – a partnership with CD Baby. CD Baby has some 250 000 artists and over one million tracks that they distribute to the public through various services, iTunes to mention one.

CD Baby was the first large “label” that signed a deal with iTunes back in the day to enable the addition of smaller and less popular artists – in essence enabling the long tail of music. In many cases, I’ve heard friends complain that Spotify is working extremely well but it lacks the music they listen to. I’m hoping the addition of CD Baby will fix part of that problem.

Spotify offers an option for artists and labels to signup on their website, but also notes that they won’t be automatically added to the catalogue just yet. Therefore, CD Baby means a lot for the indie artists looking for a way in to Spotify. The success of Spotify, in terms of the variety of music, will be determined how successful of a model they can build for the independent artists that do not have a label representing them. If Spotify is able to build a model for the most beginner of artists to join the service and yet keep the signal to noise ratio feasible – they are on to something.