Spotify Achieves Another Milestone, 2.5 Million Paying Subscribers And Growing

    It appears to be a Spotify fest lately ever since the music streaming service announced their partnership with Facebook, bringing the service almost instantly to millions of Facebook users. Due to their reach in more countries, Spotify now announced they reached 2.5 million paying subscribers of the service.

    While it would have been great if Spotify shared details on their user demographics,  Spotify has kept this information in the shadows. What is more important here is that Spotify has managed to achieve this feat at a time where many listeners have been getting music for free from pirating. To have paying subscribers means that your users love the service and that they don’t mind paying a fee to avail more features, rather a “better user experience”.

    Spotify has also been expanding to different regions as well, with their recent launch in Austria Belgium and Switzerland. While we have credited a lot of Spotify’s recent achievements to its partnership with Facebook (which is definitely an important aspect), you can’t take any credit away from Spotify. The service is of a lot of value to its users, which is why Facebook found value in partnering with it. More importantly, it’s why people don’t mind paying for it as well.

    We look forward to the Spotify event scheduled to take place on November 30, perhaps the team will then announce the details regarding its user breakdown. What is of greater interest for us is to see if Spotify announces anything associated to its own MP3 store that puts Spotify in direct competition with the recently announced Google Music and the Apple iTunes Match. Let’s wait and see what is in store for Spotify enthusiasts.