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Sports Tracker is probably the best application ever built, solely for the Nokia phones. It has millions of users world wide since its launch in 2007. Ever since 2007, they have only supported Nokia phones, understandably due to their background. The company announced yesterday that they will be launching iPhone and Android versions of the popular application in the near future. The development is almost ready and the apps will head to final testing soon.

The company has ramped up quite a community around it since its launch. Naturally, Nokia has been a big part of promoting this, but now that its an independent company – it’s off to a great start already. Overall, the community has tracked close to 13 million kilometres running, over 25 million kilometres in cycling and close to 9,5 million kilometres in walking.

According to the blog entry by the company, the apps come with features available in the Nokia apps currently as well as some new additional ones as well. What these are, they don’t tell yet though.

The company, Sports Tracking Technologies was founded in 2009. Originally, it was launched in 2007 as an app owned by Nokia. In 2009 the application was transferred to the new company founded by Ykä Huhtala, Jussi Kaasinen and Antti Sorvari, called Sports Tracking Technologies, spinning it off from Nokia.

Sports Tracker on Android:

Sports Tracker on the iPhone:

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