Culminatum Innovations is organising as part of its International Business Program an IBP Camp in Helsinki where startups will receive top notch advice and help towards different ways of financing and internationalisation. The camp itself has been hand tailored on the specific needs towards startups and thus it will surely benefit all the participants. This is a quick shout out to all the companies who are at that point in their lifecycle that internationalisation and financing are interesting topics. There aren’t a lot of spots left so better hurry up and apply. It’s a steal for only 200€ + VAT for a full day with expert advice (and a guaranteed entrance to the already sold out ArcticEvening afterwards).

The IBP Camp Helsinki is especially organised for media and digital industry startups. The topics of the day will range from a wide variety of challenges and possibilities in the world of internationalisation and raising financing. The first part of the day will be spent at looking at the different approaches to going abroad and issues affiliated with it. Just before lunch, the different alternatives to funding startups is also talked about. After lunch it’s all about financing; how to get funding from international venture capital markets as well as how to close the deals with foreign VCs.

The Camp will be organised in close co-operation with Taneli Tikka and Reijo Luostarinen. Taneli Tikka is one of the most famous and experienced Finnish serial entrepreneurs around. He has worked with a number of companies including IRC-Galleria, Dopplr and Muxlim to name a few. Reijo Luostarinen is the long time professor of international marketing at Helsinki School of Economics (now Aalto University) and a renown international lecturer with experience from over 20 countries.

You can read more about the International Business Program Camp Helsinki at (in Finnish). Please note that you need to apply before 16th of April to be qualified for the event.

IBP Camp Helsinki is partly financed by the European Social Fund.

Photo by Zds_ (CC licensed)