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Sponsor: Few Steps and Tools for Monetizing Web Services

Soprano Brain Alliance is a fast growing Finnish software developing company, which is particularly specialized in open source web technologies such as PHP, Drupal and Zend Framework. Our clients include large Finnish media corporations, public sector organizations and a handful of start up companies. Company’s founder Jukka Hassinen has build the 35 person employing company in six years. Other key people are Taneli Tikka (Board member), Mikko Hämäläinen (COO), Eetu Hyppönen (Serial Creative Director) and Santeri Lindgren (CTO). Brain Alliance is a part of the NASDAQ OMX listed company Soprano Plc.

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Over the years our company has worked with over 60 clients and over 100 projects. Even though we work mainly with medium and big companies, we also like to take part in fresh start-up projects. In fact our key people work with at least one. To mention few: IRC-Galleria, Muxlim, Dopplr, RunToShop, ENCA, Mauton, E8 Personal CRM.

What we have discovered is that regardless the size of a company or project, there is always a room for a simpler definition of “what is a commercial web service” and “how you can monetize one?”

Of course monetizing can be done quickly by googling some ready-to-install applications or by adding simple pay-for-click advertisements. However the more solid strategy is to step out of the box for a minute and start with the overall view.

Brain Alliance - Monetization

The crucial thing (1.) is of course the web service itself. That means perfect technical realization and usability. Getting there may take a while, that’s why it’s important to test and trial. First with a closed alpha group and a more input beta version later, for example. Some web services, like for instants Google mail, prefer to stay in beta version forever, others follow the Alpha-Beta-1.0 path directly.

Want to read further about web service monetizing? Please follow to this site.

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