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Sponsor Post: Culminatum Innovation To Strongly Support Internationalisation Efforts

Culminatum InnovationCulminatum Innovations has come up with a totally new program to generate better growth companies from the digital content and services sector in Finland. The program is called International Business Program and it has several stages. The companies participating in the clinic this year may be eligible for 10 000 euros worth of internationalisation services.

The first stage of the program is the Internationalisation Clinics, which are organised in Helsinki, Tampere, Hämeenlinna, Kouvola and Vaasa. The aim of these clinics is to estimate global competitiveness and market potential of the participants as well as give constructive feedback regarding international growth.

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Second stage of the program is aimed at running Internationalisation Camps, which are open to all companies in the digital content and services industry. More specific themes regarding international growth are studied and solutions to these challenges are developed. Potential themes include, but are not limited to marketing, foreign accounting standards and growth funding.

Finally, the third stage of the program is aimed to arrange practical internationalisation concepts to the companies which show considerable potential for international growth. Special consultants are harnessed to help in finding funding as well as help through the partner negotiations to really establish themselves in the global markets.

So how do you get to be part of all this?
Simple. Apply to be a part of the international clinic here in Helsinki at the Slush conference. You should enroll by sending an e-mail to Timo at Somebazaar with your details. Please note that to be eligible for the 10 000 euros prize money, you must show significant willingness to internationalise and also be willing to invest 2 500 euros to the coaching.

It’s worthwhile to note that while not everyone will win the prize money for the coaching and services, the participating companies will gain quite a bit from the contacts and advice given by the very highly appreciated jury. Jury members include Taneli Tikka, Burton Lee, Greg Franklin and Andreas Weigend to name a few.

For more details, contact Raija Velez at Culminatum by e-mail or at +358 50 555 8908. Also, visit http://www.digibusiness.fi/ibp for more information.

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