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Space Industry, Startups Hack Together In Bremen

The Disrupt Space summit (April 7-8) combines a hackathon, high-level workshops and panel discussions from leading experts in the space.

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The event connects entrepreneurs and startups with developers, officials and investors from space industry to work together on solutions for the industry’s challenges including Earth observation, 3D printing, global Internet connectivity and more. The winner will also get the opportunity to travel to Silicon Valley as part of an official delegation of space cluster leaders.

Disrupt Space partners include the European Space Agency (ESA), UN World Food Program, and Silicon Valley-based company Made in Space.

“The European Space Agency is happy to provide a challenge for entrepreneurs to not only find innovative technical solutions but also new business models that can disrupt the old processes and value chains in the traditional space sector,” said Frank Salzgeber, Head of Technology Transfer Programme at ESA.

Airbus, that recently opened Airbus Ventures, a new Silicon Valley venture capital with $150 million to invest into startups focused on aerospace, data analytics, drones, and satellite technologies, is asking entrepreneurs to develop a service and a business case that would build a global collaborative community using existing infrastructure in orbit, whether the ISS or orbiting satellites.

Disrupt Space will run match-making sessions for 20 space startups from Europe, the US and Australia, that will be pitching their business ideas to space industry mentors and experts.

For space aficionados there are a lot of key people to meet — starting from Sarah Cruddas, journalist and science broadcaster, Frank Salzgeber from the European Space Agency, Brian Lim, five time serial space entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Hypercubes, Candace Johnson, co-founder of SES and President of the European Business Angels Network, Blunt Altan, former Vice President of Avionics at SpaceX and many more.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, startup or space enthusiast and would like to visit the event on this short notice use code ArcticStartup10 to get 10% off the ticket price.

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Valerie Vlasenko
Valerie Vlasenkohttp://vspace.news/
Valerie Vlasenko is a space journalist tackling the dilemma of popularising space. Founder of VSpace Media and an Editor at ArcticStartup - Valerie has rich experience as an entrepreneur, a journalist and a space lawyer.

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