Soundtrap aims on disrupting music education

    School’s still out for summer, but collaborative music recording service Soundtrap wants to get the attention of music educators. The platform creating possibilities for music makers aims now on supporting the current music education system, tells the Soundtrap Blog.

    Soundtrap for Schools is characterized as an user-friendly platform that revolutionizes how music is taught and learnt in schools across the world. The service enables creating assignments for groups of students to make music from their own devices while having the teacher as a coach of the project without being dependent of the physical location of the group. As the browser-based service is available on one’s own device, also remote instrument lessons and rehearsals can be arranged with the help of video chatting and recording possibilities.

    The mobile platform also makes it possible to have cross-school or cross-nation collaboration music projects. To support the cooperation of teachers using Soundtrap, the service has organised a Facebook group which enables also efficient communication with the Soundtrap team.

    According to the Soundtrap blog, the community of schools using Soundtrap in music education is growing constantly so the results will be heard soon.