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Nokia Ääni blog, which is the Finnish equivalent of the Nokia Conversations blog, has just released in the past few days some interesting material regarding the Nokia Microsoft Partnership. The information trickles from a video with Kai Öistämö from Nokia’s Corporate Development. In the video Öistämö outlines some interesting issues why Nokia chose to work with Microsoft.

In the video Öistämö goes over once more why Nokia decided to partner with Microsoft and summarizes the points from two perspective. Firstly, Nokia believes this is a better opportunity for the consumers. Secondly, another big client of the company, the operators, unanimously voted for a partnership with Microsoft as this will bring a third contender to the marketplace.

Öistämö also answered what else Nokia brings to the table than just the devices. In this question he revealed that Microsoft has actually partnered with Nokia to include Nokia Maps in all their service platforms. By all platforms, he pretty clearly meant that this includes all online services and others, mobile naturally included. In this sense, according to Öistämö, Microsoft is relying quite heavily on Nokia – something that hasn’t been talked about in the past in detail.

In the follow-up questions regarding service strategies Öistämö mentions again the possibilities with Ovi Maps and the Ovi Store. It almost seemed like these two would be the dominating map and app market solutions in the future. across the Windows Phone platform.

And finally, Nokia is able to modify the Windows Phone environment to their needs. Essentially this means that you might not see the boxed home screen on a Nokia Windows Phone anytime. This was also confirmed in another comment by a Nokia representative (in Finnish) by stating that “Nokia will not adopt Windows Phone environment as it is today”.

Öistämö stated that Nokia is free to modify the environment as they wish, but it has to remain as a single environment from the developer point of view. Interesting comments and possibly a signal of things to come in the future.

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