I’m writing this from our summer cottage in Punkaharju, looking at the lake and pondering about the future. Looking back at the last six months, I must say they’ve been excellent, challenging and very rewarding with regards to Arctic Startup. We’ve had two events, which were magnificent successes, tens of blogposts which have gathered tens of comments from Finland and abroad. We’ve also had Ville and Tomi join our ranks after we launched the site last autumn with Miikka.

All of us have been working at our day jobs while putting this together and needless to say, it takes a lot of energy. Nevertheless I’ve talked to the guys and we’re all looking forward to putting in another 100% this coming autumn (I know I know, let’s get through the summer first!). There are a lot of plans put down to paper and I’m now going to share some of them with you.

With organising the two events during last spring we really noticed that there is a lot of demand for a grassroots level, bottom up, type of a forum where the concept is built in co-operation with the entrepreneurs working with the issues. Due to this, we’re going to be having at least two other events this coming fall. They’re going to be bigger and better with more interesting people.

To make this happen, we’re looking towards incorporating ArcticStartup and getting some sponsors on board with us to make the events more worthwhile and interesting to all of us. For the incorporation, we’re not looking for any funding but we will be putting up more information regarding the possible sponsorship packages that many have been asking for.

Furthermore, amidst of all the blogging, we will be participating in a bunch of events during the fall so do follow us to get possible discounts and tips regardging these conferences. We will be co-operating closely with the organisers to bring the best possible experience for the startups and third parties as we really want to shift gears in the Finnish entrepreneurship scene this autumn.

Talking about Finland – we’re hungry and never settle for something that can be reached easily. Having said that, our Finland only focus will be left behind and we’ll be broadening our view to other Nordic countries including Estonia. This is due to the fact that there simply isn’t an organisation that will cover the news and events at these latitudes in a way we would like them to be covered – hence the broadening view.

There’s a lot of things on the roadmap for the autumn, but we really want to work together on these with you the readers, entrepreneurs and vc’s to make all this happen in the right way. As you all know, a good idea only gets you 10% of the way, while a perfect execution will push you the last 90% towards the goal.

What do you think, are we heading the right way? Anything obvious we’ve missed?

Image credits to openDemocracy

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