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Softcolor, a Joensuu, Finland based startup, has totally missed our radar for some reason. This North Karelian company is in the business of improving images – the automated way. Their website states that their main products are server side software that can be used to automate image enhancing.

The company was founded by Petri Piirainen (CTO) and Juha Purmonen (CEO). They also have a few other people more or less working full time helping them out. They met each other in the Joensuu university and inspired by the M&A deals of Bitboys and Hybrid they too decided to start their company and have a go at it.

Petri Piirainen did not disclose their clients, but states they are in the media and more specifically print sector – ie. publishing houses. There are numerous competitors in the field and thus it’s not an easy task to come up with an innovative solution to image enhancement, according to Petri. However, as many of the giants such as Apple, Agfa, Kodak, Adobe and others concentrate on user initiated image enhancement – there is a clear gap in the automated solutions department and Softcolor has been able to take advantage of this.

Their future includes improving their server side products as this is where the big business is. Softcolor is also currently expanding their sales network in Sweden, Germany, France and UK – so a strong push towards the Central European states is under way.

Softcolor also has a demo service available at improveyourimages.com.

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