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Sofanatics, the Finnish startup that is aiming to become the best way to chat about sports, debuted their new chat interface earlier this week in the Bayern Munchen vs. Inter Milan Champions League match.

The new chat interface is more than simply a feature as it could catapult Sofanatics off to a new growth trajectory. It’s an interesting approach and it does remind one of physically being at the stadium to watch the game. I guess this is exactly what the team had in mind when designing it.

Below are two screenshots of the new interface and what it looked like. The team later on sent a request to the participants to go and answer a survey based on the experience the new interface had.

In the interface, you first choose which side you’re supporting. After this, you see two sides in the screen and you’re positioned on the side you chose. At the bottom of the screen are all the members who support that team. As you shout something regarding the match, you create a chat bubble that slowly rises in the view towards the top.

It’s an interesting approach to the dilemma of chatting in a stadium like environment (and experience). Will be interesting to see how the team develops this forward and if there are any changes before it is fully rolled out to the public.