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SofanaticsThere’s a new startup in town called Sofanatics. The company, based in Helsinki Finland, is in its early stages and has nothing but a simple splash screen on their website. Earlier today the team tweeted about this and thus broke the silence regarding the company – at least on the level that who’s on board the startup. The team behind the startup is Toni Laturi, CEO (former Valve co-founder managing director), Asmo Halinen (Apaja co-founder) as well as Sami Kuusela and Peter Nyman. Nyman is a familiar face in Finnish television as he hosts one of the most known Saturday night shows Uutisvuoto.

There’s very little knowledge around what the company is up to and the founders did not want to share the concept just yet. I’m going to Tallinn on a ferry with Kai Lemmetty of Floobs to host an ArcticEvening there. I had a chat with him about the company and if he happened to know something. The chat was very brief as he had an NDA with the company.

Now, looking at this totally unprofessionally – I will be guessing the area they are working in. Sofanatics.com has a statement; “You’ll never watch alone” which is of course a modification of the Liverpool football club’s motto “You’ll never walk alone”. Furthermore, Laturi and Halinen are known to be football fanatics and to top it off Nyman has been the host in some game studios for Championship League matches. So, it definitely has to do something with video, football and doing all this is a social manner.

What’s your guess? I bet it’s as good as mine.

Sofanatic frontpage

Update: I had false information regarding Toni Laturi being Valve co-founder. He was the managing director of Valve.

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