The Helsinki, Finland based Sofanatics, has closed a seed round from high profile angels. Among the new investors is Jyri Engeström, former Jaiku Co-Founder as well as Aki Riihilahti, former Crystal Palace midfielder. There are more, but Sofanatics will not disclose their names nor the sum invested into the company at this stage. Sofanatics is a social TV service for sports fans.

While the amount is unknown, the figure is enough to get Sofanatics relatively far. CEO Toni Laturi comments, “(The) company is now secured to go full steam ahead, and become number one in Social TV for sports”. That’s a lot said, and being the analytical person Laturi is – I’m relatively sure they’ve done a few calculations on this.

Sofanatics announced only two months ago that Mikael Jungner is joining their board of directors. Mikael Jungner is the former CEO of the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation and a very liked executive at his job.

With the seed round, Sofanatics adds another wave of expertise to their talent pool. Jyri Engeström is commonly noted as one of the brightest people globally working with social services, namely real-time services. Aki Riihilahti will bring a ton of expertise and network reach to Sofanatics.

“As a footballer and as a sports fan myself I think the greatest thing about sports is that it unifies people and whether you play it yourself or watch it, there is an urge to share the experience. That is why I thought Sofanatics is an excellent concept”, Aki Riihilahti states on his commitment to the company.

While Sofanatics launched in Finland already sometime ago, they have officially launched globally with the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. First metrics of their success have for the first time made public, as they disclose that people from 130 countries have visited Sofanatics.

Sofanatics certainly onto an ambitious goal itself. There might be shortages in other resources a company revolves around, but expertise from social services and sports certainly isn’t among them.

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