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Cue is a social proof and conversion rate optimization tool that can help you turn both organic and paid visits to your landing page into paying customers. The tool works like this: when a website visitor reaches your website, Cue displays bubble-style notifications containing engaging information (pulled from Intercom account or your custom data) about your new clients and customers.

This info most typically includes the following data:

– How many new users signed up or made purchases within the last 7/30 days

– Customer-level information (name, where they are from, etc)

– How many people are currently viewing the page

These social proof powered notifications serve as validation of the credibility, legitimacy, and quality of your brand to your potential customers, thus providing them with one final nudge down the funnel and towards becoming your paying customers.

There are 3 different versions of Cue notifications:

– **Cue** – shows individual, user-level information. For example:

*David from Paris, France created an account 2 hours ago.*

– **Hot Cue** – shows how many users performed an activity within your website over the last 7 or 30 days. For example:

*47 users created an account in the last 7 days. Verified by Cue.*

– **Urgent Cue** – is a fully-customizable Cue where you can insert any data, content or action you want. For example:

*24 people are currently viewing this page.*

Cue is social proof and FOMO tool which is highly customizable and easy to setup.

It’s quite useful for young startups or e-commerce stores because you can easily push custom data into your cues and create a busy website or store look in a few minutes.

Guys that built Cue are guys that also gave us Reportz and Dibz, well-known web tools in the digital marketing industry.


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