Snipplist Quotes Text In Your Browser To Share With Friends

    Put simply, Snipplist lets you snip “snippets” of text from anywhere on the web and share them with your friends. You wouldn’t be too far off if you called it a Pinterest for text, and co-founder Kai Lemmentty says the service was created because it’s still hard to share small amounts of information, even with Twitter and Facebook as the sharing platforms of today. In essence, Snipplist is searching to become the home of that 1-3 lines of an article or that killer quote that’s too long for a Tweet.

    To get started you sign up for an account (currently through a Facebook login) and drag a bookmark to your bookmarks toolbar. After that you’re good to go. Then you simply highlight text in any webpage you want to share and click you Snipplist bookmark. Snipplist then grabs and shares the text to the Snipplist feed, and also adds the link to the page so anyone intrigued by your Snip can also read it in context.

    Currently the sharing options are pretty rudimentary, but they’re enough to get a taste of where they plan to take the service. For social features Snipplist currently offers an option to recommend your snip to friends on Facebook, which people can use to find the original article.

    The service is still very young, and they’re staying agile to see what users are looking for. In the near future they should be implementing user following and folders — almost like Pinterest — so can follow friends, or only what a friend shares in his “sports” folder for example. The company is also thinking about adding a toolbar option, which could be interesting for news sites to see what everyone is sharing.

    One nice thing about the concept is that because you have to highlight text already in your browser, you see far lower amounts of self-promotion, like in Facebook or Twitter. I imagine it will be a tough concept to monetize for Lemmentty and his two co-founders, but even at its early stages it’s fun for users, and it will be interesting to watch where they take their service as it matures.