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Hopeinen Norsu (Finnish for Silver Elephant) is a Finnish company developing a service called Snipbase. Snipbase is a sort of a scrapbook for ads. This means internet users can click and save interesting ads and companies through online ads, for example, to Snipbase’s database and come back to later see what exactly the company had to offer. Not only does it work online, the company tells us the service will work with print ads as well.

Hopeinen Norsu was founded in 2010 and began operations by developing a technical platform for publishing magazines and content on the iPad. The technology is in use by leading newspapers and magazines in Finland. The company plans to release Snipbase to the public later this autumn. Markus Rautopuro, Timo Saloranta and Tuukka Autio are behind the company.

The founders told us that the logic into creating the service has been that very few people have the time to give any attention to online advertising, even from their favorite brands. The other use case can also be that you see an interesting ad that you want to save for later – as in taking action on it.

How Snipbase works is that you’re able to save interesting offers and opt in to receive new personal offers from your favorite brands. You can collect these offers from various sources; banners, Facebook pages, online campaigns, coupons and even brand sites.

After talking to the founders about their service, I got the idea that it is basically a service where brands are able to have a more in-depth relationship with their customers through the service. Where as services such as Groupon and the likes of it offer one off discounts on a completely random basis, Snipbase tries to build a relationship between the brands and consumers.

How does Snipbase look to make money? It’s all results based. Snipbase will charge on delivered ads (where the user has accessed the campaign page). This makes the whole process measurable and advertisers will only pay for delivered results.

It looks and sounds quite interesting, almost crazy on some levels – giving users a possibility to save ads for later. Then again, it’s innovative services like Snipbase that just might tick for people.

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