Finnish smart flowerpots expand in Asia

Finnish smart flowerpot maker Plantui has raised another small funding round to boost its expansion in Southeast Asia.

The Finnish rival to Click & Grow was established in 2012, and its flowerpots are currently sold in 18 countries. Sales in Europe have been boosted by a retail agreement with the luxury department store Harrods.

During the year, Plantui has raised more than one million euros in three rounds. It will open a new sales hub in Singapore at the beginning of 2017.

“In Asia, the market for smart and indoor gardens is at a completely different level than in Finland, because many people lack the space to grow plants outdoors,” said Karri Andersson, CEO of Plantui.

“Our device also saves significant amounts of water compared to traditional gardening, and Plantui grown plants contain up to five times more vitamins than plants grown using traditional methods. Indoor gardening is a fast-growing trend, and Plantui is one of the first players in the market,” Andersson said.

Plantui - Water