Slidefy is a new Finnish service that targets a niche need with their offering. In essence, it’s a slide sharing solution, but targeted at conference organisers and the like. Slidefy will work in such a way that conference organisers collect attendees’ e-mails before the event and send them a link to the material the speaker has provided in advance. Then, during the presentation, users can focus on the actual presentation and not jot down points the speaker makes.

Slidefy is developed by Fijaco Oy, which is a company creating “global internet solutions”, according to their press release. The app itself has been coded by Koodiviidakko Oy, an Oulu based development house.

The part of Slidefy that doesn’t quite click with me is that it’s essentially the same service as Slideshare, a hugely popular site for sharing presentation material. Slidefy points out that you’re able to follow the material on many different devices including mobiles and tablets.

The company has a few different pricing options available. The free option enables you to send your presentation to two receivers, while the first paid option for 69€ (VAT not included) will enable you to share as many presentations to as many receivers as you want regarding a single event and the final option for 139€ a month does not have any limitations on the amount events, receivers or presentations what so ever.

Just by looking at Slidefy’s offering, I have a hard time understanding what the key competitive advantage is to other alternatives out there and what makes it so much better that users or conference organisers would want to pay for it. Also, being an event organiser myself, it’s not certain all speakers will want to share their material in such an open way so the Slidefy would probably work better in seminars and lecture setups.

It’s a clean product with a niche offering, but I feel it’s still a bit too far from the clear value I should be able to see immediately as an event organiser that would make me let go of my hard earned money in exchange for their service.

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