Skype Reaches Another Milestone – 29 Million Users Simultaneously Online

skype_logo_largeThere has to be a bit of Skype in every communication. It might sound a bit exaggerated given that quite a massive chunk of the world is yet be online or take advantage of the latest innovations in technology for effective communication, but talking about Skype for the moment, it registered another milestone.

The service had over 29 Million people online using its voice calling service at 1800 GMT. There is less surprise here, given that Skype is accessible almost anywhere and on any device, be it your computer or the mobile phone, making the service a better and more cost effective method for making voice calls. The news falls well in line with the most recent developments we have talked about in the last month. While we wont mention all those in detail, we would definitely want our readers to follow up on the previous stories following the provided links:

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