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Ever had to hire someone and as a technologist you go in search of tools that could help you? Skyhood is now offering Rekrysoft (all in Finnish at the moment, unfortunately), a SaaS-based application to help companies better handle the recruiting process. The application emphasizes ease of use, and in the process puts focus on decision making and communication. Towards the bottom of this article you can find out how you can sign-up for the service.

Skyhood is a Helsinki based startup with only a few people working on the project full time. They are also the creators of Duunitori, which rose to fame in February when (see our coverage) when it announced it had built the largest job listing site in Finland. Albeit the site using public sources, it still compiled these together and showed them through an easier to use UI.

Coming back to Rekrysoft, Skyhood looks to seriously revolutionize the way companies handle recruiting these days. The service is very much taking its first steps currently, so there aren’t a lot of features available just yet. But then again, any small amount of features usually improves the initial process of going through the recruiting process manually and perhaps having Excel as your tool of choice.

The workflow is pretty simple. When you have a position you want to have filled, you ask all the applicants to fill out the job application in the Rekrysoft service. The application itself is different as well. You only answer a few questions and upload your CV into the service. Then the company can pick the suitability of the candidate through an easy “traffic light” -method (green is suitable, yellow possible and red not suitable).

What makes Rekrysoft furthermore interesting is that it has a big emphasis on ease of use and communication between the candidate and the company. When using the service you can see the status with one glimpse and all communication between the employee and candidate can be handled from within the app. This too is shown in the same page with the applicant data, and so on. People inside the company can also use Rekrysoft to comment on different applicants instead of passing comments around in e-mail and around the water cooler.

While Rekrysoft may not be your most feature rich application online, I found it very intriguing and would definitely recommend it to companies doing their own recruiting. It eases the process immensely. We were able to negotiate 50 free registrations to the service to our readers. To start testing the site (unfortunately only in Finnish currently), simply register your company. Once the 50 company limit has been reached the registration option will disappear.

Below is a short video showing the UI a little to those who want to check it out without registering.

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