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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Sweden’s Skillhabit acquired by TicTac Group, advancing AI-driven digital learning

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Skillhabit, a Swedish startup renowned for its AI-driven learning platform, has been acquired by TicTac Group, marking a significant development in the digital learning landscape. This strategic acquisition aligns with TicTac Group’s mission to lead the European market in innovative learning solutions.

Founded in 2020 by Hellen Wohlin Lidgard and David Rejdemyhr, Skillhabit has swiftly made a name for itself by offering an AI-powered platform that customizes learning experiences based on the unique needs and preferences of users. The platform also includes e-commerce capabilities, enabling organizations to commercialize their learning programs.

Hellen Wohlin Lidgard, co-founder of Skillhabit, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “We are excited that the Skillhabit platform will now be introduced to TicTac’s blue chip customer base across Northern Europe. We see a perfect match with TicTac’s strong presence in the market and Skillhabit’s innovative technology and focus on end user experience.”

Skillhabit’s AI technology is designed to enhance the learning process by analyzing user data and tailoring content to optimize engagement and effectiveness. This innovative approach has attracted a diverse clientele across Northern Europe, including notable German companies, and has proven effective in various applications such as employee training and customer education.

Carolina Faxe, CEO of TicTac Group, highlighted the strategic importance of this acquisition: “We are very excited to welcome Skillhabit to the TicTac family. Skillhabit has developed a remarkable platform that leverages artificial intelligence to simplify and accelerate the creation and delivery of learning experiences. This is a perfect fit for our vision to provide the best learning solutions and services to our customers, and to help them achieve their learning and business goals.”

TicTac Group, headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, with offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, and Berlin, serves over 4,000 customers across Europe. The integration of Skillhabit’s platform is set to enhance TicTac Group’s offerings, providing their extensive network of clients with cutting-edge, personalized learning solutions.

This acquisition signifies a pivotal step for both companies, promising to deliver more sophisticated and effective digital learning tools to a broader audience, ultimately transforming how businesses and organizations approach employee training and education.

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