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SituationsApp makes your Smartphone smarter

Every mobile phone user gets these moments when they wish they could automate your phone a little better – like to make a smartphone an actually smart phone. One group of app developers from Finland have been looking for a solution to many of these nearly unnoticeable impracticalities – like having your phone go on silent for the duration of a meeting or automate SMS sending when your kid leaves school. These little things that make life a little nicer.

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The SituationsApp is an app developed by Finnish startup Pastillilabs.  The app works on an simple set of rules. The app user can choose to create “conditions” and correlating “actions” in order to automate certain kind of situations.

The app works in background based on predefined / user defined situations. Situations are built by defining when something happens (conditions) and what the phone will do in response.

Conditions can be anything from time periods to whatever the device can observe about its surroundings, such as location or network connectivity, while actions are typically different device settings or simple tasks like sending SMS or opening an application.

Here are a few examples they give us:

  • You could make your device go silent and reply missed calls when you’re not reachable
  • Have your kids phone send you SMS when leaving school and arriving at home
  • Automatically launch Music Player when you connect headphones
  • Extend battery life by turning off radios when you don’t need them

Admittedly, the app offers some nice applicable shortcuts and while the preset functions can get any beginner well on their way towards a pleasant first encounter with it, the SituationsApp offers more advanced settings for those who feel comfortable enough to be in a more absolute control of their device.

The app is free to download and additionally it’s guaranteed to be add free, which is a rare commodity these days. Extra features are available as downloadable plugins of which some are free and some have a small fee attached with them.

For now you can get your hands on the SituationsApp if your device runs on Android, Nokia X / Symbian and Meego. Hints of a Jolla platform compatible version are given while the existing app continues to be developed

If you’re using the Situationsapp just remember to submit your feedback (which makes developers very happy) as app itself does not collect any data of the user or the use of the app.

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