Silverbakk Monitors Your Social Media Activity

    Sweden has got its own social media monitoring tool, Silverbakk Briefing Room (we recently wrote about Icelandic Clara). Silverbakk measures influence, visibility and engagement in social media, probably the hottest topic at the moment besides real-time search and augmented reality. The company launched its product only three weeks ago promising an easy to use tool to start monitoring ones company, brand, event or competitors in just 60 seconds.

    Fredrik Stenbeck, Founder and CEO Silverbakk
    Fredrik Stenbeck, Founder and CEO Silverbakk

    Fredrik Stenbeck, founder and CEO Silverbakk, had given me an early demo of Silverbakk Briefing Room to be, and when launching now it has kept all its promises.

    The interface is clear with simple graphs, so as soon as one’s done with choosing the keywords and filtering options, i.e. the important stuff, it didn’t take much longer than a minute before being up and running.

    Fredrik has several years of experience in consulting companies within strategy and communication, the skills he’s now brought into his own product. Silverbakk has a clear offering with an explicit pricing plan, easy to understand demo and feature section. To test the product one can set up a 14-day free trial monitoring period for one project. Just the transparent company approach that is both embraced by social media, and necessary in building trust in the new media landscape. While browsing through a list of market actors and competitors, I came across only one other company, Scout Labs, presenting a pricing plan. Maybe not so surprising, yet disappointing.

    Competitive offering on a competitive market

    “The Impfactor ranking, language independence and easy to read graphs are the biggest differentiator for Silverbakk Briefing Room”

    Silverbakk has done its market research by offering both unlimited users and workspaces, real time alerts, as well as being language independent. Each project can have up to five keywords, Gold level containing 10 keywords, with possibility to add free amount of filters to exclude sources or certain words, or phrases, from the project.

    “It is your data so it is all up to you what you want to do with it.” All the data will be available for export at any time, and all Gold customers will have access to an API to easily integrate the data into other products or webpages.

    The magic sauce in the dish is called The Impfactor, a secret indexing algorithm consisting of more than 50 parameters, calculating how much social activity and engagement there is related to the information monitored.

    The big plan for Silverbakk is to go global. With the above mentioned Scout Labs just raising $4 million in a round of funding, and Microsoft recently revealing its proof-of-concept prototype “Looking Glass”, a social media product letting marketers aggregate and monitor social media platforms in real-time, the Silverbakk’s magic sauce certainly needs to taste both sugar and spice.