Silicon Valley Style Growth Marketing Training To Be Available In Stockholm

    An intensive 10 week program coordinated by 500 Nordics and Almi Invest is landing in the Swedish leading startup hub SUP46 this May.

    Teaming up with one of Sweden’s most active early stage investor Almi Invest, 500 Nordics moves to SUP46 for their upcoming Stockholm Distro Dojo program. Together, the two parties are bringing Silicon Valley style growth marketing training to promising Swedish pre-seed stage startups.

    “To make Swedish startups even more globally prepared, we need a international accelerator that brings the Silicon Valley mentality, practices and leading growth marketing experts to Sweden. We also see opportunities to co-invest with their Venture Fund,” says Maria Kessling, the Head of Communications at Almi Invest.

    The program starting on May 9th in Stockholm is now open for applications.