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Last November we had guest post from the CEO Signom, Ossi Marko, based on their lessons learned in pricing. I like the product a lot and what it’s accomplishing so I thought it would make sense to get back in touch with them about their progress and how their go-to-market is working out. Despite being a simple service, a digital method for signing your documents, there are many industries and companies who could take advantage of the service on an enterprise level.

To begin with, the HR business turned out to be a document and agreement intensive business, according to Ossi Marko. Signom has signed a white label solution to one of they key players in the industry, whom says they underwrite about 10 000 agreements per year. Other organisations in this area have also asked offers for such solutions.

Another interesting industry is the energy industry. One of the largest providers of electricity in Finland has accepted Signom’s offer and they will be beginning co-operation shortly. Needless to say, there are a lot of signatures being taken care of in the energy industry.

However, according to Ossi Marko, perhaps the most interesting and potential of all the markets currently is the car sales industry. Car dealers make about 500 000 transactions a year and almost always, some sort of financing is included in these deals. Signom is in talks with one of the most significant organisations in the industry to integrate their signature technology and make it key part of the whole industry.

“This would be a huge opportunity for us”, states Ossi Marko and we have to agree. Getting your product into this large a market is not only great business potential, but also an interesting possibility to make your brand a household name among the hundreds of thousands of people potentially using Signom to sign deals.

While this may sound like free promotion of Signom’s products (and it is of course to a certain point), we’re more thrilled about the possibility of sharing this kind of information with the public and entrepreneurs at large in showing what kind of thinking can lead you to new and interesting markets. Unfortunately we are able to disclose the names of the companies due to confidentiality agreements, but Ossi Marko has approved the disclosure at this level.

I’m pretty sure if Signom had only focused on trying to sell their service through the web, they would have failed miserably. Services like this take a lot of footwork and cold calls to succeed. Yet again, reminding us all that even online business needs traditional sales methods to succeed.

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