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Back in May we wrote about Signom (full disclosure: Signom is an advertiser with ArcticStartup), a Finnish company looking to revolutionize the way we work with signatures. They’ve created an online service where you’re able to go about and basically sign your contracts within seconds. Ossi Marko, the CEO and founder of the company, used to work as a lawyer before setting forward with Signom.

Coming in to the startup ecosystem with a legal background is able to put the company in an interesting position as Ossi Marko has looked at contracts from legal perspectives and how they should work online, while technology is only a means to support that cause. The service is extremely simple to use, such as it should be when we’re talking about the concept of signing contracts online.

When a user signs up to the service, you’re asked to identify yourself with internet banking credentials. Once this has been done, Signom can be sure of the user’s identity as well as e-mail address. With this information, Signom is able to pull in data from the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland. This is extremely valuable, because you’re able to use this information to sign your agreements with different company representations. Below is a screenshot of my account information.

Once you’re signed in the service, you’re able to start signing your contracts. The process is simple. You begin with determining the basic information for the contract, what your position is as well as the description. After this, you add other parties to the contract, followed by the documents which you then send onwards to be signed.

The pricing behind Signom is also attractive to those who handle a lot of contracts in their day to day business. There are three packages available, small, medium and large. With the small package (39€ a month) you get 20 signatures included. Medium (99€ a month) gives you 60 signatures while the large (149€ a month) gives you 100 signatures each month. All new users are entitled to a 2 week free trial. What makes this model attractive though, is the fact that if I’m a frequent user of the service, I can pay for your signature. The price has obviously been tied to postal costs, but with working online the speed is the real value in getting the deal signed.

When I first saw the demo of this, I knew immediately that this is going to be huge. The concept is extremely simple, the service is easy to use and the advantages of the service are crystal clear. No wonder Ossi Marko has been able to attract quite a bit of interest for his company from a variety of companies.

Signom has 7 employees currently and are heavily moving into the sales and marketing phase. The good aspect of the service is though, that it’s viral to begin with. Whenever you’re inviting someone to sign a document with you in Signom, you’re introducing the service to them.

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