Sigma Software Group, Swedish software development and IT consulting company, said it has acquired  IdeaSoft, the Ukrainian IT company that delivers integrated software solutions.

IdeaSoft’s customers include the likes of Securitize, Porsche, Neura, Nexar, Corum Group and many others. The company has been empowering innovation and implementing emerging technologies to ensure better business outcomes since 2016.

The company has over 120 highly skilled in-house developers and a very strong management team. With more than 200 successfully launched projects, IdeaSoft’s team has a deep understanding of and insights into a large variety of industries, such as DLT, Fintech, 5G, MEC, Privat Cellular, which will now strengthen Sigma Software’s expertise.

IdeaSoft has become a member of Sigma Software Group, but its brand, team and services will remain in place.

“We continue to stand by our entrepreneurship principles. So the crucial thing for us is that it is a perfect match in terms of our teams. We believe in synergy. We want IdeaSoft to feel exactly the same as they did before the acquisition with no constraints or regulations in one way or another. It’s important to feel freedom, otherwise the entrepreneurial spirit fades away,” says Valery Krasovsky, CEO and co-founder of Sigma Software Group.

“We were actually in the exact same situation in 2006 when our company was acquired by Sigma Group. We quickly found common ground because they worked in a similar manner and had the same type of thinking as ours. They were professionals with a built-up culture of mutual respect within the company. Additionally they did not build a strict hierarchy but divided the group into independent companies that were quite mobile and could develop breakthroughs independently. That is exactly what we are planning to do.”

According to Krasovsky, Sigma Software plans to develop as a group of companies and is ready to consider buying some more assets. “Another important thing is strengthening the core management team in order to provide our clients with additional value and better services through enhancing our expertise in Fintech, Blockchain, and Telecom,” he explains.

IdeaSoft will get access to a wide and strong business network, as well as an opportunity to learn and optimize its processes through our experience.

Andrew Lazorenko, CEO at IdeaSoft shares:

“Success takes collaboration. Today, I am extremely pleased to present our merger. By bringing together our expertise and our drive through this transaction we are creating a strong platform for our relentless growth. It should definitely inspire us to unite in a renewed effort to rock the industry.”

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