Should Finnish Social Security System invest in a video game?

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters is a statement towards the Finnish drinking culture.

At ArcticStartup, we don’t want to encourage our readers to get involved in drunken fights. But as we know the Finnish drinking culture – and what it involves in its worse – maybe a video game could be a good solution for making our country a safer place?

“I was reading the website of a local newspaper and I noticed there had been drunken fights all around my home town basically every night during the holiday season. So how about making a game about the people not willing to have peaceful holiday? Like making a game that is actually a statement! Wow! Almost like making an art game,” says Ville Siuruainen, the creator of Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters, an indie drunken fight simulator developed in Kajaani, Finland.

Born as a free-time project, the game became an official release on iOS and Android after 18 months of creation. Siuruainen tells he went through rebuilding the game in total six times. Also the name of the game was changed during the process, since originally the game was named after a local bar in Kajaani.

Kuja is famous (or infamous, really) for the high numbers of drunk fights every weekend,” tells Siuruainen.

Ville Siuruainen could be considered as a Finnish national hero, if more and more people will start using a video-game to ease their drunken anger.

Maybe we should consider having a Drunk-Fu arcade game machine at every bar in Finland?