Shopgun Helps Make Healthy And Ethical Food Choices

    Shopgun is a new application available on Android that aims to help consumers make better product choices at the grocery store. The creators of the app have focused on environmental, ethical, and health concerns to come up with an easy traffic light system that lets you know what foods are the best choices to buy. Currently the app is only available in Swedish.

    Users can use the app to scan the barcode of food products, which will provide all relevant information about the ingredients in the product, along with advice from experts or their editorial staff. Shopgun now only works with a limited selection of products, but they also use a little croudsourcing by encouraging users to upload the ingredients along with the scanned barcode.

    Shopgun is independent and ad-free, which they see as a benefit as they do not have to support any ulterior motives. The app was created by an ordinary group of consumers in Göteborg and was launched in cooperation with Nature Conservation Soceity, Nature Conservation Society, Swedish Consumers Association, the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, Swedwatch, Bra Miljöval and Fairtrade.

    It is available for download for Android here, with an iPhone app coming soon.