There’s a multitude of startups trying to find their strong footing – they’re almost ready to accelerate, but lack rocket boosters to push onto the next level. But some early startups don’t need boosters yet – they need scaffolding.

Our goal for the Pre-school programme in partnership with Business Tampere is for entrepreneurs to arrive at the testable value proposition. This process really challenges how well you and your team understand your customer, their struggles, ways to improve their experience, and the real benefit the customer might get from your interventions.

It’s a lightweight and effective program to discover the essence of your future company. The programme will roughly consist of:
• Introduction to NSS & Framlabs method – why we exist and what we do
• Steps towards the value prop – getting the puzzle of customers, pains, solution, and end value together
• Value prop playback & feedback – learning with – and from – others
• Steps towards the value prop validation – wrapping up with real actions
• Wrap-up – big virtual hugs to all participants

All you need to have is Zoom video conferencing tool, steady bandwidth, headphones, and desktop set up for a delightful experience. 🙂

Please note that to enrol, you must have a valid business ID.

Participation is free of charge, but 250€ worth of De Minimis Aid (more about De Minimis).

Nordic Startup Pre-school is executed together with Nordic Startup Ventures and Framlabs. Pre School workshop gives a taste to the format and content of School and After School where startups graduate to as they mature.

Signup ends on: 04.10.2020 12:00pm

Signup form:

Language: English

Price: Free

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