Share Your Travel Experiences More Socially With Globified

    globifiedThere are a countless sites and services online that cater to helping you plan a trip, book hotels or even find what places are interesting to visit while you are in a city. And I guess there will be many more surfacing as we see the approach shift from global to very local. Our attention today is at Globified, the latest startup catering to your travel needs.

    Globified differentiates itself from the very many by first not being a typical travel portal. It narrows itself to letting you enjoy your existing trip by letting you share your experiences. How exactly? You can Globify your travel experience by sharing your travel tales as blog posts, sharing photos, etc with the audience. What is more interesting is that Globified plots the route you take on a map by keeping track on where you are; via checkins and letting the browser automatically mark each journey.

    The service is currently in beta and they are currently letting selected users try this out. You can of course request an invite here and test it yourself.

    Globified is not a free service and users will be charged $2 per trip. Now it might sound a bit irritating as to why someone would pay any bit when many a services already provide similar features for free. I think the same, but if you do keep user demands of having ad free services, $2 a trip isn’t really a big sum, unless of course you travel a lot too often.

    The service is being developed in Stockholm, Sweden.