Share Your Consumer Experiences And Get Paid Using Good Vs Bad App

    Helsinki-based app, Good vs Bad, is an interesting take on the consumer ratings sector. Rather than going for the 5-stars approach, Good vs Bad lets you do what the name suggests- you can share experiences at stores, restaurants, or other places as a good or bad experience. It makes sense that this sort of app would be made in Finland. Finnish men have the ability to sum up experiences in one syllable, making this app perfect for them. If an experience was good, it was good. As they say on their website, they’re “The most honest customer index in the world.”

    Now we’ve heard that Good vs Bad has partnered with New York-based Beintoo – a virtual currency service that consumers can redeem for real-world offers. Within the GvB app, this means that by rating experiences you receive these ‘Bedollars’ that give you access to discounts at online or offline establishments.

    It makes sense – users now have more of a hook to rate the companies and places they go to, which gives GvB more information about their consumer behavior. With the Beintoo currency, they can now receive targeted offers. You can see this from the “how it works” below – Rating racquet clubs leads to discounts at GNC.

    According to the team, this is the first “real” app that Beintoo has integrated with, making this an interesting partnership for both companies. Beintoo’s network of brands and advertisers is focused in the United States, making this partnership a strong push for Good vs Bad to take on that market.

    Beintoo has 400 million users around the world and they help their apps to get a piece of that cake. They also offer all sorts of loyalty and customer engagement programs both for the app users and businesses. Perhaps this will provide GvB the missing ingredient that it needed in order to drive user numbers and engagement. The partnership provides users an incentive to use the app, while the business owners will be able to promote their offers through the network. Currently the new Good Vs Bad is available on iOS with future plans to expand to Android as well.