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We covered ShapeUp Club almost a year ago (see our coverage here). It’s a service by Sillens Ab from Sweden and they’ve reached one of their bigger milestones, one month ahead of schedule. Today the company reported reaching one million users and also came out in stating that they are now the fastest growing weight loss service in Europe.

“Our goal was to reach 1 million registrations in the end of this year but the user base has grown quicker than we expected”, Martin Wählby one of the founders announced.

The service grew some 400 percent this year to reach one million users, so in the beginning of this year the company already had a good solid 200 000 users. “We are growing with more than 2000 new members per day, organically. This is just the beginning, both the service and the market is growing very fast and we are now off towards our next goal”, Wahlby states.

In announcing the milestone the company also made public some impressive figures: an average person on ShapeUp Club has lost 4 kg, meaning the total amount of weight lost is about 4 million kg. Users have also reported 100 million food items and some 7 million exercises in their calendars (about 1.5 billion calories have been burned through exercising – that’s a lot of fast food!).

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