ArcticStartup events are about getting things done. We want to see people making the most out of the hectic event days. We really push the attendees to achieve their goals – be it in a business conference or a weekend-long hackathon.

Optimizing networking is our core business. We do this by focusing heavily on facilitating 1-on-1 meetings and pre-event matchmaking. We plan the setting to enhance deep relationship building in the best way.

We make sure to give attendees a real return on investment. Also, quality matters more than quantity. We want to get the right group of people under one roof to meet each other. This is why we keep the events optimal size.

Networking at the core

Our events play an important role in the startup ecosystem as efficient meeting points. They are places for building relationships and deepening the existing ones. Events serve as a platform for network building and deal making.
Don’t go to events for the free pens. Go for the deals.