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Monday, December 5, 2022

Finnlander Serviceform secured 2M€ for global expansion in the latest funding round led by BackingMinds

Serviceform is ready to expand into new markets and its clients’ expectations with the help of 2M€ support from the investors. Their B2B SaaS start-up attracted the attention of the Swedish VC fund, BackingMinds and VC Gorilla Capital of Finland. Sri Lankan CEO Iranthi Gomes and Finnish CTO Jarkko Oksanen run their company to help business owners like a tale fairy, not with a magic band but simplified business software.

“Gorilla Capital has been a Serviceform investor since 2018, so we’ve had a 1st-row seat to monitor their progress. They have been one of the steadiest growth stories in our portfolio, and now they are ready to move to the next level. We are very excited to see them start the next chapter on their journey.” commented Risto Rautakorpi, Managing Partner at Gorilla Capital.

New Chapter for Serviceform


The company’s aim is to provide guidance to the business owners with the best possible management tips to grow healthier in their business. Now they are backed by the investors to unleash their potential. The contribution will enable Serviceform provide their services in Sweden and the central Europe soon. That means they need to expand their team to fulfil the expectations of their current and new clients. Serviceform’s software can be preferred to use simplified versions of the parts designed by the top companies around the world. Since it is hard to find a way into the digital zone without worrying. The platform requires minimal effort as possible.

Iranthi Gomes, the CEO of Serviceform, says “very thrilled to partner with BackingMinds to take Serviceform to the next level. We started Serviceform because we saw the lack of simple business software targeted for businesses outside the tech community when we were running a coffee catering business in Australia. All SaaS products require you to have a certain amount of experience in finding the right solution and setting it up. It can be quite frustrating and time-consuming. Managing a business is hard enough without having to spend time learning new complex tools.”

Serviceform’s tools in need to run a business

Running a business is like a roller coaster ride with all ups and downs. It may create a tension or anxiety on the business owners’ part. Serviceform’s focus is to be fostering a lead generation in the most ideal way. They are offering some services like customer support and analytics tools for their clients, especially basic ones who are not that into technology. These tools may unlock a frustration-free business world. They are preferred in more than 1500 websites. The business network under the Serviceform services has extended to nine various countries.

“What we find very interesting with Serviceform is that they have found a niche, traditional companies that are still underserved digitally. These companies struggle to find simple digital tools to grow their businesses. With Serviceform, they can triple the number of leads very shortly. Serviceform has a super sticky product with fantastic customer satisfaction.” Sara Resvik, CEO & Partner of BackingMinds VC, said.





The fundings gained from the round led by BackingMinds provide the company a chance to create a portfolio of their products and meet new clients to achieve something more. One can find many things in this portfolio including chatbots, live chat, pop-ups, lead bars, social inbox, CRM, web analytics, and dynamic forms. Serviceform does this by taking the best parts of software used by the top companies of the world and simplifying it for the SME market. They are holding the future of communcation flag because of their multiple solutions. It is some kind of package all rolled up in one. Especially when it does not have to require a tech genius…

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