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September’s recruiting partner here at ArcticStartup is Blaast. Blaast is a very talented company innovating in the space of mobile and looking for exceptional people to work with them. Their offering is very interesting, so if you fit their open job descriptions I strongly suggest you contact the company for more information and apply. Check our coverage on the company earlier this year, when they raised financing.

For companies looking for help with recruiting talent from our community, we can offer you a recruiting promotion -package. The package includes three elements that make your needs stand out to our community: 1) the 468×60 banner 2) promoted jobs in the job listing and 3) each article-page has a text link promoting your needs (scroll down to see one, just below). All these elements will run for one month. During this time you’ll easily accrue well over 100 000 pageviews for your ads.

Interested? Do get in touch with sales@arcticstartup.com.

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