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Yesterday I had the chance to meet up with a Finnish startup that hasn’t been making headlines all that much – Senseg. Understandably too, they’ve been busy building their technology for the previous years. Back in 2008 they announced investments from ASI and Vera Ventures (see our coverage). Since then, I heard today, the company hasn’t issued any press releases at all. You might think this is warning signal of some sort, but it’s not. The company has been busy developing their hardware as well as software. I was able to test their demos and they felt, literally, really good.

Senseg was founded already back in 2006, but it has taken them quite a long time to further develop their products and let technology catch up to what they’re working with. The innovation is based on electrostatic vibration technology. Their product, E-Sense, is currently integrateable to various touch operated devices. In their terms, the company is creating responsive tactile surfaces, in other words interfaces you can feel.

How so, you may ask? Well, the device creates a small electric field on a glass screen with a special coating on it, to generate an artificial feeling of touching a real, concrete surface (whether it’s bumpy, smooth or anything you can come up with). This technology is then integrateable to other devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. Actually, I tested the demo Pekka Nikander, the Chieft Software Architect (founder of Nixu), is showing us in the video below. The tablet in the video is running Android.

I also talked to the team, Ville Mäkinen and Pekka Nikander about their current financial situation. They’re strongly backed by their current investors, ASI, Veturi Growth Partners and Vera Ventures. They openly talked that they’ve been having lots and lots of meetings with device manufacturers about the possibility of integrating their solution to products. According to Senseg we’ll see some mass production prototypes in 2012.

Another literally cool aspect of the company is that they were awarded the Gartner Cool Vendor status. Overall, Gartner saw only five companies in the imaging and display technologies sector interesting enough and Senseg managed to make this group with their technology.

I’m certain that we’re hear more from the company this year. Below is a video interview with Pekka Nikander, the Chief Software Architect of the company.

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