Sellfy Adds Paymill, Stripe To Digital E-Commerce Platform

    If you’ve got some digital goods you’re looking to sell, Vilnius-based Sellfy probably offers the lowest-friction solution to get them moving. We’ve covered them in the past, but they now inform us that in addition to PayPal they’ve added Stripe (for US customers) and Paymill (for European customers) for merchants to accept credit cards on product pages.

    “Unlike some of our US rivals we decided not to innovate in payments as it is something that companies like Stripe and Paymill does great already. Our main power still remains in giving our users secure and reliable digital delivery service and powerful e-commerce features like affiliate program, social discount system and making selling experience easy as possible,” says Maris Dagis, CEO and co-founder of Sellfy.

    The process is pretty simple. You just drag and drop your digital goods into Sellfy, and then enter a price. From there, you have your own product page where you can link to on Facebook or Twitter, as well as an embed button you can put on your website. Sellfy takes a 5% cut of the purchases.

    There are some additional features, such the ability to offer immediate discounts to people who recommend products to their social media, as well as an affiliate program where movers and shakers can earn money by promoting products.

    “For affiliate program we don’t see wide adoption yet and still are testing different mechanisms how to engage them more,” Dagis tells us. “On the other hand our social discount system (share to get a discount) is very popular and accounts for significant traffic for our merchants.”

    Currently Sellfy has over 9,000 sellers listing more than 16,000 products. E-books seem to be the most active segment, but many merchants are also selling Mac apps, WordPress themes and plugins, as well as Tumblr and Shopify templates.

    “There is also certain traction in music/audio segment – anything from songs/albums to beats and music samples for others to use. Of course there is a lot of many different products – AutoCAD templates, icons, fonts, images, online video course etc.”