Seedcamp has just announced earlier today about their launch of a new service, seedsummit, which is aimed to help startups find investors more easily. It’s in short, the AngelList for the rest of us. Seedsummit has no specific geographic focus and it has angels listed from Africa, Asia, Europe, Nordics and Baltics to name a few. While there are only a few names listed, I’m sure it will supply a need in demand.

The service lists 19 active early stage investors from the Baltics and 25 investors from the Nordics. Seedsummit is built in a smart way – not only does it list the investors from the area, but also the investors who are willing to do investments into those areas. Familiar names from the Nordics and Baltics at this stage include Jyri Engeström and Petteri Koponen only, the famous Jaiku co-founder team.

While the list of investors is still short, I find it answering a growing need of early stage financing in Europe in an interesting way. Also, seedsummit states that they have included the early stage investors who are active and not just passively waiting for good deals to come to their doorsteps.

Startups are able to apply to the service through an application form. In applying they refer to the investors they’d like to pitch and seedsummit works in between to help startups meet those investors. The service also features some basic legal documents, but it is unclear if these will become a core part of the service. At this point, the clear focus is on helping startups meet more early stage investors.

With the brand Seedcamp has built itself, seedsummit is a fantastic addition to it. Now it’s up to Seedcamp to built the service into a working and growing community of investors. I’m completely sure there won’t be a shortage of startups. If they’re able to attract the investors, there shouldn’t be any reason why it won’t become a central part of the European early stage investment activity.

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