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Scred.com logoScred, or Street Credit, is a consumer service created by a Finnish company Fishpool Creations where a group of friends can share costs for commonly purchased objects on a trip for example. Kristoffer Lawson, the CEO of Scred says that they have been using various
versions of Scred internally for years. The service is now open for public after a brief public beta which started in 2007.

After you register with the service, you are able to create your own pools – or groups for your you and your friends. You can use them for certain trips for example. Add all the receipts of that trip to the service and it will calculate how much each one owes each other after you’ve come home. The service even supports multiple currencies which helps groups of friends travelling in different countries. Quite a simple idea, but still capable to wreck relationships – just as Kristoffer states in their press release.

I find the idea very interesting and worthwhile. However, the UI still needs some tweaking for the masses. It still reminds me of the late 90s and open source software UIs that are still present to this day. Despite the shortcomings in the graphical side of the service, the idea is simple enough to catch on. They also have a JAVA-application for mobile phones where you can record your receipts on a day-to-day basis even when you’re offline.

A great idea that surely has unrealised demand. Good luck to Kristoffer and the guys at Fishpool!

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