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Scred.comArmy of Ghosts is the newest and largest release of Scred since it opened to the public. In the new release, just released today, the largest feature is called direct screding.

Direct screding is when you share your costs with people who aren’t yet registered on scred. You can direct the costs to an e-mail address and once the person registers on scred she is able to see the the amount she owns to the other people who split costs. Kristoffer Lawson, one of the founders of Scred, states that this has been one of the major differences in their service to foreign rivals and with this release they are catching up on their development. Other updates on the release can be seen in their blog.

Kristoffer also told us that Scred has been seperated from Fishpool into its own corporation. This of course means they will be able to focus on the development of Scred more thoroughly. Fishpool and founders of Scred have funded the company so far.

Kristoffer will also be on our panel, so come down to Dubrovnik on the 8th of May to see what they are up to.

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