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Some time back we covered the finalists participating in Mini-Seedcamp Stockholm. The list featured 14 companies from the region. Overall, 20 companies were selected to pitch at the event. While Seedcamp Stockholm was planned to be held as an event to find the participant to the Seedcamp New York trip, the Seedcamp team decided to announce “a winner” from the event. The winner, ie. the company that Seedcamp will invest into, is Holvi, by the founders of Scred.

I sat down with Kristoffer Lawson, co-founder of Scred and Holvi, to talk about the service and what it’s all about. I have to say, I came out of that meeting full of excitement and the possibilities the service offers for companies.

Holvi in essence is a new way to do online banking. The problem Lawson described me many smaller companies and groups had, was that a bank statement is like an excel sheet with data cells that does not mean anything. In other words, it’s really hard to figure out how each payment, incoming or outgoing, affects the overall situation of your business.

With Holvi, small groups are able to tag each payment in certain ways so that a clear overall picture is formed and thus it helps these groups to better understand how their money is spent and received. This pretty much makes bookkeeping redundant for smaller organisations and groups.

I won’t go into the technicalities of the product, but Holvi is going to be further developed with the investment they received from Seedcamp.

When I asked Lawson about how clear it was for them in Stockholm that they’d walk away winners, he answered. “Not at all clear. Our aim in going there was primarily to collect feedback and mentoring for our product. Obviously in the back of our mind was always the thought that maybe they would invite us to New York (for the Seedcamp event there), and then have a chance at being a Seedcamp Winner. So originally Seedcamp Stochkolm was to be a stepping stone to the New York event. But this was incredible news for us, the way it worked out, especially considering the very high quality of teams presenting in Stockholm.”

Regarding how Seedcamp will help Holvi move forward, Lawson had the following to say. “Immensely. They just recently posted statistics about their Seedcamp Winners and 90% of all teams managed to get further financing after Seedcamp. Seedcamp is backed by all the top European investors and has contacts everywhere, and also has networks in the US. Nothing will be offered on a platter — we still have to do the work — but it opens doors, gives us access to sound experience and means we are within the top 1% of startups in Europe today. That’s cool.”

Plans for Lawson and his team include to bring out the service to their pilot users (who have been bugging them for a while already about when it will be ready for them to use). After this they hope to expand the users to further early adopters before a final launch. Lawson promised to keep us in the loop for further announcements, so we’ll make sure to cover those as they come.

You can currently reach Holvi’s teaser site at holvi.com.

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