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I’ve covered Scoopshot in the past as well and I’ve found the idea really intriguing – most possibly for its simplicity. The app helps media companies crowdsource images from their communities through the app. The media companies can either freely purchase images the community has taken or give more detailed tasks for the photographers on specific topics. We’ve learned of some very impressive numbers on traction the app has achieved.

They’ve had quite a few qualitative achievements in the past few months that include making Flurry’s Top 20 World’s Best Apps list in SXSW and winning the best mobile service award at Grand One. In addition to this, the company has told us that they have 60 000 users this week from 159 countries. In addition to that, they have 44 media partners.

Not all of the countries are generating revenue, but the places that are – Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Chile and Hong Kong. In the coming weeks they will be opening up Russia, Mexico, Czech Republic, Italy and Spain. Their goal is to get 200 000 photographers by year end.

The company makes its revenue by taking a small cut from the sold photographs, making the application free for end users. What makes it even more attractive is that end users can earn quite a bit of money by using the application. Just a couple of weeks ago we heard of a guy who bought a car (albeit used) with his Scoopshot earnings.

When I had the chance to talk to the founders early on, I knew there’s something bigger in this. The traction is impressive, but I believe it is built into the simplicity of the concept for all parties included.