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Scoopinion Looking To Capitalize On Summify Shut Down

Finnish social news aggregator Scoopinion is looking to capitalize on Twitter’s acquisition of competitor Summify. According to co-founder Johannes Koponen, Summify’s unanticipated exit and subsequent shut down has enabled Scoopinion to grow its user base significantly during the last few days.

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Has Scoopinion caught a lucky break? Well, not really. It all comes down to hard work. The guys at Scoopinion were quick enough to react and engage in some aggressive marketing tactics, recommending the startup’s newsletter service as an alternative to Summify on all major news sites and blogs that covered the acquisition.

The team’s efforts appear to be paying off, but whether Scoopinion can truly capitalize on the Summify acquisition remains to be seen. The company faces some stiff competition from News.me, a New York Times spinoff that has also started a campaign of their own to lure in Summify users.

Scoopinion’s concept is pretty unique, however, and it’s something that could set the service apart from the competition. The company’s browser app works in the background and automatically tracks, rates and shares the news items you read. What you receive in return is a customized list of articles filtered by your friends and fellow readers. It will be interesting to see if the startup can turn the concept into a true competitive advantage.

The Scoopinion social news service was originally launched in June 2011 by Johannes Koponen, Mikael Koponen, Mikko Koskinen, Juha Leppänen and Ville Sundberg. The startup is based in Helsinki, Finland. You can check out our previous coverage of the company here.

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