Marketing tech-startup JumpStory has grown from nothing to customers in more than 90 countries by thinking radically different than its competitors.

Coming from a part of the world – Scandinavia – where gender equality; women’s rights and design quality has always been top of the agenda, JumpStory is reinventing an industry that the founders of the company find ‘sick and filled with stereotypes’.

The company-founders, Jonathan Løw & Anders Thiim, are referring to the world of marketing – in particular the one with photos and videos. According to the Danish startup, major players like Adobe, Getty Images and Shutterstock – together with leading advertising agencies – are continuing to promote a culture, where company leaders are male, and happy couples have perfect white teeth.

Because of this, the startup has launched a number of initiatives to fight unhealthy biases. These include:

– Using artificial intelligence to sort out photos ‘stock in the past’ and instead emphazising authenticity

– Teaching machines to remove bias in searches for e.g. ‘leadership’, ‘leader’ etc. to make sure that these searches don’t result in stereotypical and biased search results, but instead portrays a modern world with female leadership; gender equality etc.

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