Sayduck raises €350,000 to augment your reality

    Catching up with funding news, the folks over at Sayduck announced over Slush that they’ve picked up €350,000 for their augmented reality solution targeting the furniture industry. This past January the company also raised a €350,000 seed, suggesting they had to burn a little more equity before a proper series A, but their solution is cool enough that they should be the ones bridging the gap between online retail and the real world. This latest round of funding should bring some good connections to the company, led by Arteel Ventures as well as Finnish media house A-lehdet, Finnish Design Shop founder Teemu Kiiski and Matteo Alessi among others.

    The idea behind Sayduck is that it’s tough to figure out what furniture or lifestyle goods to buy when you can’t see how it will actually look in your home. So say you want to by a new sofa – with Sayduck’s solution, all you would have to do is put a marker on the floor where you would want to place the sofa, and through the app’s camera a 3D model would be magically placed over that marker, allowing you to walk around and see how the sofa would look next to your other furniture.

    If you don’t like that sofa, you could then swap through all the other ones available through the brand or retailer’s app. As a result, the company says that Sayduck customers are seeing significant increase in conversion rates and higher basket values.

    Furniture isn’t their only game though. For goods like purses or shoes, it’s nice to check out how it all looks in 3D before you buy it online.

    “For the past two and a half years we’ve been very lucky to been able to work with some of the best brands around the world. We’ve learned a great deal both from them and their consumers and we are now ready to embark on the next part of our journey”, says Sayduck CEO Mikko Martikainen.