It’s Christmas time and we are ready to announce the next Arctic15 event, so you can start preparing. The event will take place on the 26th-27th of May 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. In early January, we will release the first batch of tickets, to get those at the very special rate – sign-up here. And don’t forget to mark your calendar, you can download the calendar file here, for convenience. We will also give away two tickets to those that sign-up between now and the January release.

We are fans of startup events and in addition to trying to hack them, we also try to figure out what to do in order to maximise value for our own attendees.

Last Arctic15, we had 830 attendees and 73 investors. Overall, we managed to do 1734 one-on-one meetings, which we feel was the main value of the conference – networking and meeting key people.

Since we also had the NFC check-in experience (thanks to Microsoft), we got 8960 check-ins over the course of the two days, the check-in also shared the contact information automatically with the demo stand participants.

For next year, we want to improve on all fronts and make an event that will really drive value home. Some key changes:

Just the right amount of attendees:

We will not grow. At least not by a lot. Our goal is to keep the event at a manageable size, where you can meet all the people that you want to meet over the course of the two days. Therefore the event ticket sales will have a hard cap of 1200 people. So to guarantee your spot, register early.

Networking is the name of the game:

The Deal Room was a success, but we will be stepping up in that department. From the feedback, we will try to help manually with matchmaking, make more speed-dating sessions, increase the quality of the meetings and have more networking options:

– matchmaking between startups
– matchmaking with corporates & partners
– matchmaking with service providers: lawyers, accountants, etc.

The Deal Room itself will double in size, and will function “24/7”. That is, if the venue will be open, the Deal Room will be open. That includes the afterparty. If you want to do business, we will not stop you, even if that is at 2AM.

Value boat getting bigger:

Yapp, we want you to get a lot more value from the event and networking is one thing, but knowledge is the other.

The one-on-ones with speakers were popular, so we will be forcing this upon the speakers, but we also want to bring more value by running dedicated workshops.

We feel that in a smaller, 20-50 people environment, you will have the chance to really learn something and have a practical exercise to help you apply it to your business. It will also help you connect with people who are interested in the topics that you also value.

Media Presence:

The good old joke about the shoemaker without any shoes. Yapp, we did not have enough media at the event, so thank you for brining that up, if you were at the event.

We are changing that and are going to do our best to get them to come. Already in talks with the top media rep’s and Dmitri Sarle has become one of the organizer’s of the EU Tech Writer’s group. This will be fixed.

Nordic Startup Awards Grand Final:

To celebrate the achievements of the community, we will be hosting the Nordic Startup Award Grand Finals during Arctic15.

This will be a fun Gala event to attend and will be a part of the package for all Arctic15 attendees.

The WoW Factor:

We are also thinking about the “wow factor”. In our survey, most of our attendees said that if Arctic15 was a car, it would be a Tesla, so expect something in that department.

There might also be some things flying in the sky, free and amazing food, fun things to do at the event, oh and lets not forget the parties.

Last time we wanted to make it big and opened it to the public. This time, we still want a great party, but we also recognised that networking is important – so there will be a special area for Arctic15 attendees and the deal-room will not stop functioning during the party. Networking does not stop, ever.


We will be releasing the first batch of tickets in early January, to guarantee yourself a ticket at the best possible price – sign-up here:

We will raffle away two tickets among those who register between now and the January release date.

For demo-stands, send an e-mail to info (a)

For partnerships, send an e-mail to jan (a)


Dmitri Sarle, Jan Ameri, Greg Anderson
The ArcticStartup Team

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