Sauna&Lounges – Connecting People at Arctic15

2018-05-30 Arctic 15

At Arctic15, we take pride in facilitating quality networking and enabling meaningful connections. And when we say we are taking networking to the next level, we’re not only talking strictly business, like making deals happen right on the spot (which do happen, by the way) but about creating a unique atmosphere where you can feel you belong from the very moment you enter.

Try the sauna

And what breaks the ice and makes it feel like home here in Helsinki more than a sauna session? Finns are known for not being very open and friendly the first time around, but none of it is true once they enter a sauna. There, barriers fall, ice walls melt and conversations begin – and imagine this effect multiplied at a networking event, where everyone is already focusing on making connections. Just sit together, enjoy löyly (the hot steam coming from the stones when water is poured) and stimulate your bloodflow while engaging in stimulating conversations.

We are bringing you an authentic Finnish sauna that hosts 12 people at once. Saunas are meant to be enjoyed naked and separate by gender, but here at Arctic15 women and men go in together, just like families do – so if you don’t have swimming suits, please wear a towel 🙂 Follow the sauna master’s instructions for the full experience.

Enjoy palju

If hot steam is not your thing, you can hop into the palju, or Finnish spa, a hot tub where you can relax and spend a delightful time outside. With your head in the (often chilly) summer breeze and your body in hot water, you can use this time to reflect on your day so far, gather your thoughts for your next meeting or simply enjoy the small joys in life while sipping some refreshment. Bathing together brings people together, so don’t be shy to start a conversation with your fellow soakers.

Chill in the lounges

There’s plenty of dry space to chill and recharge your batteries in between two meetings or after lunch as well. Our lounges are carefully designed to be convenient places to hang out, continue an interesting conversation that you started while getting coffee, or just get some work done if necessary – however, we encourage you to be present and switch off from your daily tasks while attending Arctic15.

Sleep well

Even if there’s plenty of opportunity to relax at the event, your body needs to recover after a long day of networking. You only get to take out what you put in, so make sure to get a good night’s sleep to be able to max out the experience.

See you at Arctic15! You can still get your tickets here.