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Quora has become a great source of information for entrepreneurs, and pretty much anyone interested in a specific topic. In short, Quora is a well executed question and answer service that is currently in beta. WIth this, they’ve been able to choose who they want to let in while this in turn has helped them keep the quality of the answers very high. Another interesting aspect of the service that startups should take notice of, is the people they’ve managed to get on board. You can find lots of famous startup CEOs there answering questions and helping people understand more about their companies. Enough about Quora though. There was an interesting question in Quora regarding which Nordic companies make more than $10 million annually and Saul Klein had answered it. He answered a similar question about companies based in London that interested a lot of people, so it’s definitely interesting to look into this as well.

The companies have been split into four categories, basically those who have made it in the last 10 years, in the last 5 years, those who are on the way there as well as emerging category leaders.

In the last 10 years:

In the last 5 years:

On the way:

Emerging Category Leaders:

While this is a good list, we believe the following companies should be on the list as well.

Already there

  • Blyk – Messaging platform
  • Skype – it did originate from the region, let’s not forget that
  • CCP Games

On the way/Emerging category leaders:

Which other ones did we and Saul Klein miss?

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